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2013 Exhibition of Tova Snyder's
'Italian Roofscapes'

February 27 - March 29th, 2013
NYU Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

Interview with the Artist at the Opening Reception:

'The New York Times', March 18, 2012

'Public Art Review', Issue 45, 2011

'Rye Record', February 25th, 2011

'Journal News', November 19th, 2009

'Westchester Magazine', May 2009

'Westchester Jewish Chronicle', December 2006

'The New York Times', May 28th, 2006

'ArtsNews', April 2005

Festival poster and program cover
'La Ghironda', September 2004



'Gazetta del Mezzogiorno', September 3rd, 2004



'Gazetta del Mezzogiorno', September 4th, 2004

Cover Art for the
Rye Merchants Association Brochure
Centennial 2004



'Westchester Magazine', September2002



New York Times - mural restoration
'The New York Times', September 1st, 2002



new york times - harrison station
'The New York Times', January 13th, 2002



new york times - tova's studio
'The New York Times', February 3rd, 2002



Harrison Herald - Harrison Art Show

cover of the 'Harrison Herald', April 2002



harrison train station - faceted glass panel

'The Item', April 26th, 2002



two views - rye record
'The Rye Record', January 24th, 2002
Arts for Transit
'The Item', January 4th, 2002


'A Tarde', Brazil, February 23rd, 2002


journal news-installing
'The Journal News', February 2nd 2001
'The Rye Record', December 2000
cover of 'Inkwell' magazine, Winter 2000
journal news-openstudio
'The Journal News', June 4th 1999
'The New York Times', March 14th 1999
'Kleine Zeitung', Austria, August 12th 1994
homepage about Tova Snyder