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I have been participating as a 'performance painter' at street festivals in several different countries. I enjoy the interaction with the spectators, who get to witness a work of art materialize over the period of just a few days.

'Festival de Rua', Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

This 2007 mural was painted during a ten-day outdoor street festival in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It depicts public landmarks from the area and street performers. The mural was created in acrylic on a canvas banner measuring 60" x 140" and is now on display in a cultural administrator's office in Brazil. It is featured prominently on the festival website,

'Teramo, città aperta al mondo'
Teramo, Italy

In July of 2005 I was invited to the 15th International Festival 'Teramo, città aperta al mondo' in Teramo, Italy to represent New York, one of the five cities featured. The other four were: Cairo, Moscow, Bejing and Sydney.

New York City Mural - Installation view

New York City Mural

N.Y.C. Mural detail 1
N.Y.C. Mural detail 2
N.Y.C. Mural detail 3

'La Ghironda - artisti per i vicoli',
Martina Franca (TA), Italy


The festival 'La Ghironda - artist per i vicoli' in Martina Franca(TA), Italy, features musicians and performers from around the world. I started out with a blank canvas, and during the four days of the event, I painted a courtyard scene typical of the baroque architecture of the area animated with street perfrormers, musicians, puppeteers, dancers...

Martina Franca 2003
Martina Franca 2003
festival-poster 2004


This canvas was painted during the festival 'La Ghironda - artisti per i vicoli',in Puglia, Italy, in 2004, and had 'performers by the sea' as its theme.The town of Martina Franca is located between the Adriatic and the Ionian seas,both are about 20 minutes away.

Martina Franca 2004
Martina Franca 2004
Martina Franca 2004

'Festival de Rua', Salvador, Bahia, Brazil


This mural, which depicts artists at a street performers' festival, was created in pastel on canvas during the five day festival. I used the perspective of a ceiling painting, giving the spectators the impression of looking up while they're looking down.

'Street Performers' Mural
'Street Performers' Mural
'Street Performers' Mural


This mural was created in collaboration with children from the Bahian orphanage and social center 'Sementes do Amanha'. The theme was 'street performers festival', and the children teamed up to paint the 24 panels. The finished work was permanently installed at the center 'Sementes do Amanha' in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

'Festival de Rua' Mural, with Sementes do Amanha

Young artist at work
Artists in front of finished mural
'Festival de Rua' Mural

Ferrara Buskers Festival,
Ferrara Italy 2000

'Il grande capello'

Nice Jazz Festival,
Nice, France 1996

Sculpture in painted cardboard
of Ella Fitzgerald
Close-up of 'Ella'

homepage about the artist contact