Tova Snyder - Permanent Installations

Harrison, N.Y. Train Station

In the fall of 2000 I was awarded an MTA/Arts for Transit commission
to create artwork for 12 panels in faceted glass for the reconstruction of the
Metro North train station in Harrison, New York.

The project was completed in 2002.


Station House Windows

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There are 4 station house panels, each measuring 4' wide by 6' high and 1" deep.
The faceted glass panels were fabricated by Master Craftsman Helmut Schardt.
I created the designs to scale for these windows in four acrylic on canvas paintings.


Elevator Tower Windows

There are 4 panels for each elevator tower, measuring 2' x 9' and 2' x 11'.
The faceted glass panels were fabricated in the studio of Larry Gordon.
The original renderings were done in watercolor pencil on paper.
One tower features images from the past, the other one, images of the present.


'42nd St. Apple'
Big Apple Fest, New York City

In 2004, New York City was animated by the 'Big Apple Fest'. Hundreds of 4 foot fiberglass apples were designed and painted by artists. During this charity event, potential sponsors had the opportunity of selecting individual apple designs from the website.
I painted this sculpture of a 'Big Apple' with some of my favorite landmarks on 42nd Street: the N.Y. Public Library, the Grace Building, the Chrysler Building, the Paramount Building on Times Square....
It was sponsored by Pfizer International Inc. and displayed at their corportate headquarters on 42nd Street.

Work in progress
Back view
At Pfizer Headquarters

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